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Privacy and Disclaimer

Privacy Policy 

We are committed to the patient's right to privacy and we respect the privacy of  web site visitors to Dr. T. Pediatrics P.C. ( http://www.drtpediatrics.com).

  When any individual  visits our web site we may collect and track data from our site’s server. This information will  help us to improve upon the content provided on our site.

The information collected may include how long you spend on our site, the pages you visit, your browser and operating system types. It may also include the name of your Internet service provider.

Any personal  personal identifying information collected from our website is held in complete confidence. It is the policy of Dr. T's Pediatrics P.C.  not to share this information with any third parties for any reason whatsoever, unless legally required to do in a court of law.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or our use of any  information gathered through Dr. T's Pediatrics.com then please contact us directly. 


This website was designed by  Dr. T. Pediatrics P.C.  for informational purposes only of a general nature.

The information contained herein within this website is meant to be consistent with the standard of care at the time of publication on this site.

This information is not  intended to or meant to replace or be a substitute for medical advice or decision making provided by one's practitioner i.e. (pediatrician). 

All of  the information on this website that  is presented as is, is for informational purposes only and therefore  without any warranties of any kind, expressed or implied.

Dr. T's Pediatrics  would like to accentuate to persons visiting and reading this website that in doing so this DOES NOT establish a patient-physician relationship with any physician,  pediatrician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant associated with Dr. T's Pediatrics. 

 Patient's must therefore consult one's own physician for actual specific advice regarding their childs personal situation.

Dr T's Pediatrics website may at times include links that provide direct access to other Internet sites.

Dr. T's Pediatrics  takes no responsibility for the content or any  information contained on any other sites that it may be linked to.

Dr. T's Pediatrics also does not exert any editorial, monitoring or other control over those other sites whatsover and therefore does not assume and will not assume  any liability for those sites, the content of these linked sites or their privacy practices.

Dr. T's Pediatrics reserves the right to remove any link or all of these links from this site for any or no reason. The actual  existence of a link to a particular page outside of this site is therefore  intended to imply potential interest that  to users of this site.