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Pediatrician in Queens

Looking for a pediatrician in Queens?

We are proud of the fact the due to our age and experience we can boast about having just over 100 years experience between our pediatricians at Dr. T's Pediatrics. With experience, comes wisdom and we are at hand to help you with your childs health.

We have four pediatricians working in our office that have been working in the Forest Hills Community for over 20 years each. They are: 

Dr. Arkadiy Takhalov
Dr. Izak Reischer
Dr. Nonna Rivkin
Dr. Myron Beer 

We are one of the most popular and well respected pediatric practices in the Queens are providing pediatric care 

For more than 17 years Dr. T. Pediatrics has provided state-of-the-art medical care to children from birth to college.  We have 4 board certified pediatricians that are available for scheduled, as well as same day appointments.